SalvaDinnerOrganization (LTD)
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President, CEO and Founder

Salva brings over twelve years of experience in the lunch/dinner organization to SalvaDinnerOrganization. Prior to founding SalvaDinnerOrganization, Mr. Salva served as senior vice president, for TackGatheringServices Europe. He spent over ten years in Zurich as basic dinner organizer for all University friends. He has a Master degree in Merlot drinking and Organization of Aperitivi Grintosissimi.



Chief Technical Officer

Livan identifies potential grottos and assesses the technical feasibility for implementing SDO dinners. Prior to SDO, Dr. Livan served as Vice President Enology for European Drink & Food Investments. Before that he held positions as Chief Taster Officer. Dr. Livan holds a Masters degree in deep bottle drinking and a Ph.D. in beer tasting from the University of Gnosca, Switzerland. He has authored and published several papers on beer drinking tools, methods and environments.



Chief Financial Officer and Santa Claus(a)

Lalalla is expert in roadmap planning and race car driving. Prior to SDO Dr. Lalalla served as CFO of Waazzzuup Inc., where she was also responsible for beer budgeting within the whole company. Mrs Lalalla holds a Master in flying pots and racing turnaments from the Univerty of Monza.



Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Paulin co-founded SalvaDinnerOrganization in 1998 after 17 years of experience in the international Wine taster industries. He was co-founder and International Sales Director of Waazzzuup Inc., which launched Europe's first beer broad drink for on-line service for pressure networks. Before that, Mr. Paulin worked with Bullshit for 10 years as Sales Manager in Denmark and Sales Director in the company's headquarters in France.



Senior Vice President, Apertizer

Ottone is a co-founder of SalvaDinnerOrganization and oversees apertizer initiatives and partnerships. Prior to SalvaDinnerOrganization, he was International Apertizer Director of Waazzzuup Inc., where he led strategic marketing and partnerships and apertizing and fooding of the company's Broad drinking service. Mr. Ottone was also Managing Director and Chairman of BelloBbello Inc., a company specialized in bags-game in Neaples, Italy; Chief Corporate Dealer of SD Foods, Sala Consilina's fourth largest business; and Corporate Managing Director of Robbing Bank.



Senior Manager Critics and Tasting, South Ticino

Prevo is responsible for the main critic on all dinner organized withing SalvaDinnerOrganization. He helds all public relationship with Restaurants and Grottos. Mr. Prevo is also responsible for dirty lyrics and songs to be presented at SDO's appointments. He holds a Master degree in beer drinking while watching Ice hockey matches and a specialization in dirty lyrics singing after eating.



Senior Manager, System Engineering

Tack manages system engineering for SDO. Prior to joining SDO, Mr. Tack was Merlot wine cellars engineer, for Waazzzuup where he participated in the hemptying team that created World's first Cigar solution for broadDinner eating. Mr. Tack holds a Master of Nocino drinking from the Roviensis Enological University.